Over the years, Holmes Builders has built for a wide variety of clients, including athletes, doctors, executives, managers, moms and dads.  The following are comments Holmes Builders has received regarding the building process. 
David from Coppell, Texas says: It is telling that we will honestly miss working and interacting with you and your team now that construction is complete.  Throughout the entire process, you and your team have become friends.  For Michele and me, a house is not a trophy or something to brag about.  A house is about some special blend of family, comfort and beauty...our finished product is a testament that you also understand this special recipe. It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you, the team at Holmes Builders and every one of the quality and skilled craftsmen that contributed to building our home.  We are definitely proud to own something with the Holmes Builders pedigree because we know the care and artistry that went into the final product. 

Brad from Frisco, Texas says:  My wife and I have been extremely impressed with you and your staff.  I'm sure you can see that my wife and I don't always see eye-to-eye on how things should be done.  However, you and your staff have done an excellent job making us both happy with just the right amount of recommendation balanced with allowing us to decide how our "dream home" should come together. You have done a great job intuitively knowing when you should stand on the side lines and let us figure it out and when to jump in and move things forward.  My dealings with you in the past gave me comfort that the house would be of great quality.  It was the process that I was concerned about, knowing the frustrations my wife and I go through in deciding anything!  You have made the process a breeze.

Luis from Coppell, Texas says: We enjoyed working with Terry Holmes on the design and construction of our home.  Michelle and I wanted to design an old-world European styled home and were very impressed with Terry's vision, attention to detail and ability to execute on the authenticity of the design.  We are very pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of the construction.  Some say building a new home is stressful, but we found the entire process very enjoyable and look forward to building with Holmes Builders again. 

Fred and Charlotte from Flower Mound, Texas say: In 2000, we contracted with Holmes Builders to build us a custom home of rather large proportion.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas, if not all of Texas. From conception to completion the process was very exciting.  Terry Holmes and his staff handled every detail with professionalism and pride.  Every aspect of our home building was an "adventure".   In 2010 we made a decision to downsize our home.  The selection as to the builder was very simple -- Holmes Builders would be the builder we would once again work with.  Another adventure is in the making.  If it were not for Terry Holmes and Holmes Builders, we would not be making this move.

Jan from Flower Mound, Texas says: I recall several years ago when we first met, by chance, in The Landing.  The roads were not yet paved, the community not much more than a concept on paper.  You {Terry} impressed us then as a man of vision and integrity, and as we learned more about Holmes Builders it became clear to us that you had the capability to deliver.  It is now readily apparent to all that The Landing will be a very special community.  More importantly for David and me, you have proven to be an honest and forthright business partner in an industry not always known for these qualities.  As a result of our chance meeting on a beautiful spring day, we are now enjoying a home that will give pleasure to our family and, we believe, many families for generations to come. 
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