Holmes Builders is going green.  We value our earth in a variety of ways.  Beautiful open meadows and treed areas are the grounds for our future communities.  And, nature supplies materials for our homes.  In an effort to give back, we use a variety of green building practices.  We also strive to build a home of superior quality, which reduces the waste from excessive home maintenance.  The following is a list of amenities included in each Holmes Builders home, which not only reduces our carbon footprint but also minimizes long term home care. 

We recognize that some of the amenities listed below are more costly than standard building practices.  However, we believe the energy savings of these amenities will pay back the initial cost of their installation in a matter of years -- and provide years of comfort and savings to you.
 - Environmentally-friendly PEX plumbing system
 - Energy-saving tankless water heaters
 - High efficiency Trane 15-SEER air conditioning system with variable
   speed fans
 - 4” thick allergy-reducing MERV 10 air conditioner filters
 - Honeywell IAQ programmable thermostats and 95% efficiency furnaces
 - High-efficiency wood windows with Cardinal 366 glass at front
 - Heavy-duty Aluminum windows with argon-filled glass or Vinyl windows
   with Cardinal 366 glass at side and rear elevations
 - Fully insulated attics with open cell spray foam insulation
 - Fully insulated walls with blown-in cellulose insulation
 - Energy-saving timers on all exhaust fans
 - Environmentally-friendly and efficient drip irrigation system and MP rotor
   heads for watering lawns, which saves 30% more water than traditional
   irrigation systems
 - Termite pre-treatment prior to pouring of foundation
 - Long-lasting cementatious siding, soffit, and frieze material
 - ½” plywood sheathing at 100% of the exterior of home
 - Upgraded 16” on-center wall framing of studs and rafters
 - ¾” tongue and groove subflooring on Second Floors and at attic
   storage areas
 - 100% ice and water underlayment at slate and tile roofs
 - Long-lasting lead flashings at plumbing vents on roofs
 - Cedar garage doors (or equivalent) at front-entry homes
 - Unique custom wood or wrought iron front door
 - Bedrooms, Baths and Laundry Room are insulated for reduced sound