Dustin Holmes is a member of the Holmes family; he is an original.  Dustin is the second of four children born to Terry and Michelle Holmes.  He has been on jobsites since he was just a little guy.  He started his Holmes Builders career making blue prints and sweeping out houses as a kid.  Fast forward a decade or so, and Dustin is one of the key members of our field staff. 

Dustin has always had a knack for construction.  In his teen years, Dustin started hand-hewning and finishing beams, something that was a novelty of sorts in the building business.  More than ten years later, Dustin's beams can be seen in some of the nicest homes Holmes Builders has built.  After high school, Dustin discovered his construction skills were more than just a knack.  They were a full-fledged career. 

Dustin first began working full time for Holmes Builders in 2006.  He spent the majority of his time doing warranty and punch out work.  He left Holmes Builders in 2012 to work for a tile shop.  He spent the better part of two years doing tile work for national commercial clients and high-end residential homes.  Dustin ventured back into the building business in 2013 when he began working with Toll Brothers as a warranty tech.  After a few months, Holmes Builders was able to get Dustin back on the team. 

Today, Dustin works in the field managing the closing process for our homes.  He schedules contractors, handles small repairs and walks homes with clients.  Over time, Dustin will continue to manage more of the home building process with the intent of being a project manager long term. 

Dustin has two adorable kids -- Ryan and Emma.  He enjoys bass fishing, doing home projects (especially when they are at someone else's home), and being a dad.  In his spare time, Dustin spends time at church, at the lake and with family.
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